Focus stacking with Hugin/Enfuse

Focus stacking allows you to take a number of images ( taken with differing focus planes ) and stack them into a single image with a deeper depth of view/focus. This is particularly useful for macro photography where the depth of field is generally very small and restrictive. Hugin’s enfuse component has the ability to do this.

The 1st step is focus alignment

  • put all your images into a single folder and navigate to that folder
  • align_image_stack -m -a OUT FILE1 FILE2 FILE3

The 2nd step is the actual stacking

  • enfuse --exposure-weight=0 --saturation-weight=0 --contrast-weight=1 --hard-mask --output=output.tif input-<0000-9999>.tif

Using the Laplacian Edge Detection method

  • enfuse --exposure-weight=0 --saturation-weight=0 --contrast-weight=1 --hard-mask --gray-projector=l-star --contrast-edge-scale=0.3 --output=output.tif input-<0000-9999>.tif

Courtesy of Pat David


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